Powerful GPU compute solutions on-demand

Accelerate growth and get closer to the edge with Aethir's distributed cloud compute infrastructure. We provide secure, cost-effective access to enterprise grade GPUs around the world.



Enterprise grade GPUs on-demand

Over $400m worth of compute capacity.



Countries supported around the World

Bringing you closer to the edge.




Exceptional architecture for superior reliability.

Aethir Earth

Aethir Earth

Unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence

Earth leverages a innovative bare metal GPU cloud designed to provide raw GPU computing power, ensuring high performance without the overhead of virtualization. Ideal for compute-intensive tasks such as AI model training, fine-tuning, and inference.

Aethir Atmosphere

Aethir atmosphere

Leveling up the gaming industry

Atmosphere utilizes a highly performant network of low-latency GPUs to enable real-time, high-quality gaming experiences in the cloud.

Become A

GPU Provider

Highly scalable

Easily scale your contributions by adding more GPU servers to the Aethir platform. The flexibility to expand your operations ensures you can grow alongside the increasing demand for GPU compute resources.

Secured and decentralized network

Aethir values security and trust, ensuring your contributions are protected and your earnings are transparent.

Strong returns

GPU providers become valued partners and members of the Aethir Ecosystem. Earn substantial income and receive exclusive network rewards.

The next evolution of cloud compute