Enable gaming without limits

Aethir's cloud gaming platform, Atmosphere, empowers game publishers to provide fans with seamless gaming experiences — no matter their hardware limitations.

Cross-platform cloud gaming with ultra low latency

We are revolutionizing the gaming landscape with instant, download-free access to graphics-intensive titles across any device.

The superior cloud gaming platform

Aethir’s cloud compute infrastructure enables cloud gaming, worldwide, like never before.

Optimized for low latency

Localized access to GPUs through our distributed node network brings compute closer to the edge to drastically improve performance.

Unrestricted game publishing

Cross platform publishing allows gamers to jump into your titles with the click of a link and removes barriers to access.



Gaming studios partners

Hundreds of publishers have chosen to use our platform to deploy faster and improve customer acquisition. Aethir Atmosphere supports unrestricted market entry for mobile and PC gaming.



Gaming cluster locations worldwide

Gain access to enterprise-grade GPUs - located where you need them to compute closer to your end users. Experience truly global service with the benefits of local connectivity.



Total monthly capacity of players

Delivering seamless gameplay with compute that efficiently scales with your player base. Our platform serves both established markets and developing markets with no trade-offs in quality.

The most advanced cloud gaming infrastructure yet

Access Compute

The next evolution of cloud compute