Achieve un­precedented AI scalability

Aethir Earth employs enterprise grade GPUs optimized for the most intensive AI use cases. Accelerated computations enable real-time processing and analysis.

The power to scale up your AI applications

Whether you’re refining complex algorithms, processing vast datasets, or interfacing with end users in real-time, Aethir’s solution enables the next phase of development for AI applications.

Optimized for AI training, inference and agents

Powerful and efficient enterprise-grade GPUs optimized for the AI companies of tomorrow.

Localized inference for lower latency

Bringing compute closer to users, enhancing performance and improving responsiveness.

Dramatic cost savings

Premium compute resources at a fraction of the cost.



H100s available

Manufactured by Nvidia, the H100 GPU chip is specifically designed for machine learning. We employ thousands of H100s as the industry standard for artificial intelligence use cases.


+ Countries

with High Performance compute nodes

Gain access to enterprise-grade GPUs - located where you need them to compute closer to your end users. Experience truly global service with the benefits of local connectivity.



Types of GPUs available

You can choose the hardware best suited to your compute needs. Aethir Earth is the most secure, flexible, and cost-effective choice for GPU solutions.

Access to high performance bare metal GPUs on-demand

Access Compute

The next evolution of cloud compute